Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show # 6 'An Abstract Education In The Unmusic Of Hood'

On this show I pay homage to one of my favourite 'making noises and sounds' bands Hood.

I can't explain, so once again I'll let the music do all of the work.

Eat Your heart out Jandek.

**download/listen** AN ABSTRACT EDUCATION IN THE UNMUSIC OF HOOD Air date 15th of July '09

I Wish I Was A Crowbar / (Symbols) / Fashion Mistake Of The Decade / British Radars / [Untitled] / John Clyde-Evans / Myself / Failed Medic / I've Forgotten how to Live / Beware, Falling Ox / Further Woodland / 20x /Sometimes Doomed / Crushed By Life / The Field Is Cut / Being Beaten Up / Silent '88 / Her Innocent Stock Of Words / Trust Me, I'm A Stomach / Love Is Dead But Never Buried / Empty Canvas / I Didn't Think You Were Going To Hit Me In The Face / Choosing A Grimace / 70s Manual Worker / How Bad Can It Be / Impossible Calm / Feel the Rush / (Coming In From The Avant Garde) / The Leaves Grow Old And Fall And Die / Houses Tilting Towards The Sea / Untitled II / Untitled III / Fog Projections / Interlude / Killing The Band / The Go-Between / The Rain Never Tires / Attempts To Revive The Victim Failed / I Can't Find My Brittle Youth / This Is It Forever / Names For Rain / But I Was Only A Bystander / This Year's First Storm