Saturday, April 25, 2015

Show #10 'Sick Roses And See-Saws'

:: download :: SICK ROSES AND SEE-SAWS Air date 24th of April '15

This Heat 'Horizontal Hold'
Virgin Prunes 'Sandpaper Lullabye'
Death In June 'Kapitulation'
This Immortal Coil 'Love Secret Domain (feat. Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott)'
Coil 'Bang Bang'
Chris And Cosey  'Walking Though Heaven'
Current 93/HÖH 'Fields Of Rape (Sightless Return)'
Aural Rage 'Fj Nettleford'
Thighpaulsandra 'Michel Publicity Window'
Felt 'Space Blues'
Pink Floyd 'See-Saw'
Psychic TV '(It Was) Never Enough'
Ghost Twin 'Fire Of The Mind'
Omega Vague 'The Long Way'

Wire 'WIRE'
'Blogging' / 'Burning Bridges' / 'High' / 'Sleep-Walking' / 'Harpooned'

~Background Music Erik Satie 'Gnossiennes'.