Friday, October 23, 2015

Show 5 'Watching Trees Decompose'

Reid Campus Center Whitman College

:: Autumn's in the air, as parts of me erase ::
WATCHING TREES DECOMPOSE Air date 23rd of October '15

100%chevalier 'Intro'/'Senzu'
New Order 'Singularity'
Miss Geo 'Miles From Home'
Everyone But Me 'Say Farewell'
Nirvana 'Rainbow Chaser' 
Julian Cope 'I've Got My TV And My Pills'
Burnt Ones 'Infinity Suite'
Primitive Knot 'This Is The Season Of The Psyche Lords'
Coil 'Meet Murder'
Translator 'When I Am With You'
House Of Freaks 'When The Hammer Came Down'
U2 'Trip Through Your Wires'
Gun Outfit 'Worldly Way'
The Mantles 'Doorframe' 
Felt 'The Stagnant Pool' 
Galaxie 500 'Decomposing Trees (Peel Session)'
Sad Lovers And Giants 'Black Crow'
Mercury Rev 'Autumn's In The Air'
Omega Vague 'A Reason'

~Background music - Low ONES AND SIXES album