Sunday, May 3, 2015

Show #10 'Rebellious Jukebox 3'

Vivian Girls

:: download :: REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX 3 Air date 1st of May '15

The Cure  'Disintegration'
Crystal Shipsss 'Crown'
Scott Walker 'Cossacks Are'
Giant Sand 'Transponder'
Doldrums 'iDeath'
Motorama 'Write To Me'
Winter 'Strange Emotions'
Mr. Kito 'My Soul, My Fear'
Lost Girls 'Needle's Eye'
Feather Beds 'Walter'
Tideland 'Starblood'
Cold Beat 'Year 5772'
Grass Widow 'Goldilocks Zone'
Vivian Girls 'The Other Girls (live on Sound Opinions 2010)'
Upset 'Phone Calls'
La Sera 'Storm's End'
Cassie Ramone 'Hangin' On'
Vivian Girls 'The End'

~Background Music The Cure 'Carnage Visors'

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